Monday, September 8, 2014

Bear Lake

So after Weston's football game, we decided to take a drive to see the Grand Tetons. I've never seen them and I felt like we needed to get away for a little bit as a family.

We got as far as Bear Lake and decided to stop there. We made it the best 24 hour vacation our family has ever taken. We rode go-karts, saw an amazing play, ate nasty gas station food, swam in the lake, explored the Paris Ice Caves, had a feast at Firehouse Grill, stayed in a really old motel that did not smell bad, and the boys even managed to squeeze in some homework.

Everyone agreed that the play, "Who Shot Juanito Bandito?" was our favorite part of the trip.

We got the last six seats available so we were all sitting in different places in the theatre, but it only seats 200 or so we were able to see each other. I was in the back row of the balcony behind Lydia, so I stood up a lot and looked at all my boys to see if they were laughing. They were. All of them.

Aaron said it was the funniest show he has ever seen.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Halloween V

So I wrote a piece worthy of The New Yorker detailing the antics of our Halloween Night. Full of wit and wisdom, terror and surprize, I was so pleased! I had finally imparted wisdom onto one of my usually wordless posts. I said something worth reading, even worth remembering!

Then I got what was coming to me. By the wonders of technology, I lost it. All of it. Nothing left but the title. As a result, we will have to be satisfied with pictures. Next year, remind me to take better ones.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Feis June 2012

Not really looking forward to when we get to buy one of these . . . .

Our Second City Creek Outing

Monday, October 1, 2012

Labor Day 2012

Our pumpkins are probably 60 lbs. Yay!

Lydia performs at halftime 8>)

The Saltaires Concert at Temple Square

We had to pretend Garrett and Lydia are 8. So worth the deception :) I feel like a groupie, but my favorite songs WERE the Josh Groban song and the Michael Buble song. Love!!!!